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BACK PAIN IN Orange County

When referring to the back, you are referencing a large area of the human body containing many tendons, muscles, bones, and discs, therefore varieties of causes that can result in pain. A large anatomical  understanding of these body parts paired with experience makes it easier to pinpoint the source of pain, and provide better treatments. Below are a few symptoms for common conditions along with the way in which chiropractic care can benefit you. We advise those suffering from back pain to come into our office to receive proper care and accurate diagnosis from an experienced professional.




A disc bulge or herniation stems from the outer edges of the discs that are located in between the vertebrae. These outer edges become damaged which leads to a gelatin-like mass squeezing out and creating a bulge.( Imagine a jelly donuts, that the jelly part has squeezed out) This often painful issue is more common than most people think. Despite this, it can often go undetected as some patients feel no pain. The pain is determined by the size and location of the herniation within the back. The damaged disc can potentially irritate nerves around it which can cause a stabbing or shooting pain sensation and even  motor issues within the legs.


It is essential to diagnose this  condition  as soon as possible ,as the risk of further damage is possible with this issue. Dr.Gilak Chiropractor in Newport Beach will completely and carefully examine your back in order to understand the intensity of your condition along with creating a customized treatment plan, with active-care to stop the potentially worsening effects of a herniation and relieve the pain associated with it.


Sciatica is a form of radiculopathy, there are a number of factors that can lead to sciatica. It is most commonly caused by disc injuries and bulges. However there are other causes associated with Sciatica. In this occurrence, the disc presses against the nerve root causing the issue. Disc Injuries can occur because of poor posture, repetitive use injuries, and trauma such as motor vehicle accidents. Sciatica is also common when there are misalignments in the spine due to postural issues, pregnancy, or trauma. Some patients say they simply bent over to pick up a piece of paper and they were hit with extreme pain. The reality is that the spinal condition was probably developing for quite some time before the triggering incident occurred. In some cases Sciatica develops due to spasm of a muscle called Piriformis muscle.




A strain or sprain usually originates during a task or activity that our body is not used to Accidents are also capable of causing this condition. The back is particularly susceptible to these strains or sprains as stretching farther than normal or attempting to lift while twisting can both cause this issue. If this does occur, high levels of pain and swelling and bruising is expected. But the good news is that these strains and sprains usually resolve themselves with a simple realignment of the spine and in most cases, a conservative approach such as chiropractic visit is an appropriate treatment for this condition.




Recurring stress can have very harmful effects on the human body and is capable of producing back pain and lead to hypertension as well. As stress hormones are released throughout the body, back pain can arise as the hormones produce tension and muscle spasms. The tension generally accumulates in areas known as trigger points. Professional assistance is needed to work with these trigger points as they can produce excruciating pain. Chiropractors have been trained to work with you to eliminate the stress from these trigger points. A personalized approach will be created in order to eliminate the recurrence of this pain and stress.



There are a variety of issues that can be responsible for back pain. Lower back pain can originate from obesity, arthritis, kidney stones or a urinary tract infection. These conditions are harmful if left untreated for a long period of time and must be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent long-term health issues. Unlike The Joint Chiropractic, Dr. Gilak investigate with various examination technique to identify these issues and provide the most effective treatment plan. A simple chiropractic  examination and adjustment has the potential to help greatly with many of these common issues.


Please contact Dr.Gilak at Chiropractic of Newport Beach with questions regarding your condition and what we can do to help.