What is Evidenced- Based Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are health care professionals that are within the Alternative medicine discipline. Chiropractors go through extensive chiropractic education, which is four years post-graduate studies and share similar curriculum as medical doctors in the field of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc...,  their main focus is on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system( Muscle, Bone,  Joint and Nervous system) and spinal column diseases. They are considered primary care doctors for the spine; their degree is Doctor of Chiropractic D.C.  Most health insurances and Medicare in the United States offers Chiropractor care.

Chiropractic core beliefe is based on that the spine can heal the whole body. I believe that although our nervous system is a powerful, intelligent system and manual therapy is essential to help spine function, there are many cases that I refer patients to the right practitioners such as Neurologist, Spine surgeons, Orthopedic Specialist and Pain management to collaborate, and treat the patient properly.

A chiropractor’s signature technique of treating low back pain is spinal manipulation, with the stereotypical popping noise that’s actually the sound of a gas bubble releasing between joints. Did you know that there are multiple types of spinal manipulation? Some are completed by hand and others require the help of a small, specially designed instrument.

In addition to classic adjustment methods, chiropractors use other special therapies that are designed to reduce pain and improve the health of the spine and surrounding structures.

The specific method your chiropractor will use with you depends on your physical condition and the cause for your underlying back pain. And while chiropractors approach low back pain with a holistic approach, by addressing nutrition, stress, and exercise, spinal manipulation is an important tool for making sure the musculoskeletal system is in optimal alignment and reducing pain.

Here are the most common spinal manipulation and adjustment methods.

Toggle drop

This technique involves the use of a quick, precise thrust to a specific area of the spine to relieve back pain. When applying a toggle drop, the chiropractor crosses his or her hands and then presses firmly down, using the controlled motion to improve mobility in the vertebral joints.

Motion palpation

Rather than an adjustment, motion palpation is a diagnostic tool. It’s a way of observing the spine to identify any areas in the spinal column that are out of alignment or not moving freely.

The practice involves the chiropractor placing his or her hands at specific places along the spine and then guiding the patient through a series of movements. The chiropractor will feel the entire spinal column—from lumbar to thoracic—to identify any areas that feel out of alignment.

Lumbar roll

The lumbar roll is one of the more common chiropractic techniques, particularly for patients with low back pain.

For this technique, patients lie on their sides while the doctor stands on the front plane of the body. The chiropractor applies a rapid, precise thrust to the problematic area, returning the vertebrae to proper alignment.

Release work

Chiropractic release work involves gentle pressure placed along the spine to gently separate the vertebrae and encourage free flow of the spinal column while reducing pain.

Table adjustments

This type of spinal manipulation involves the use of a table that has a drop piece—a portion of the table literally drops below the rest. For this adjustment, the chiropractor examines the patient to ensure the body is in the proper positioning. The chiropractor applies a rapid thrust to the area out of alignment, and the table’s drop piece lowers down at the same time the thrust is applied.

The act of the table dropping down allows the force from the chiropractic adjustment to dissipate, making the adjustment more comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

While many manual adjustments require the back to be twisted, table adjustments do not require this. This method is highly effective, but also very specialized, requiring both special equipment and skill. Table adjustments are wonderful for unlocking the spine and encouraging total mobility while reducing back pain.

Instrument adjustments

This is a gentle type of spinal manipulation that is not as hands-on as the previously described techniques. Chiropractors use a spring-loaded activator instrument to adjust the spine while the patient lies face down on the table.

The instrument provides a gentle method of freeing vertebrae, and it can also be used on the extremities to encourage optimal alignment. Our Chiropractor Newport uses the Activator technique to treat high risks and sensitive patients. In many cases, patients are afraid of the complication that could occur during spine adjustment, and they prefer not to be adjusted. Although the movement is essential for our body to heal, and creating the segmental movement is why people come and see us. We are a very patient center clinic and use various modalities, including Instrument-assisted adjustments to deliver care for patients.

The activator method is a safe, gentle, and drug -free tool that can help any spine disorders such as low back pain, neck pain, headache, and shoulder pain.


 Journal of Manipulative Physiotherapy in a recent article, concluded that treatment of lumbar disc disorders could be managed effectively by implemented mechanical-force instruments. Based on this,  we can speculate that the use of Activator methods, may provide definitive benefits in comparison to the side-posture manipulation of the lumbar spine in the treatment of resistive disc lesions. 

The reason the article supports that is due to the lack of torsional stress imposed upon the disc during necessary spinal adjustment. Although the research on Instrument adjustment still it's infantile stage. However, it is very promising that using various method can improve lives in Newport Beach California.

Flexion-Distraction technique

People with low-back pain or leg pain resulting from disc injuries may benefit from this commonly used procedure.

To start, the patient lies on a specially designed table that stretches the spine. The chiropractor isolates the area with the affected discs, flexing the spine in a gentle pumping rhythm. Patients should feel no pain.

This procedure is believed to work by moving the disc away from the nerve, which reduces inflammation and pain.

The technique is typically performed over multiple sessions and often in conjunction with other therapies, such as physiotherapy. Patients are usually given exercises to do at home to alleviate the pain related to lower back disc injuries.

If, at the end of 12 sessions, patients have not improved, they’re usually referred for further imaging or a spinal specialist to investigate the problem.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine compared patients with chronic low back pain who received flexion distraction to those who participated in an exercise program. Researchers followed the patients for one year after treatment, and found those who received flexion distraction reported less pain than those who participated in the exercise program.

Pelvic blocking

Another treatment used for patients with disc-related, low back pain is pelvic blocking. This procedure involves the use of cushioned wedges that are placed under each side of the pelvis. The chiropractor begins specific, gentle movements that allow gravity to encourage separation between the disc and the nerve, lessening pain. This technique works the best with pregnancy related lower back pain.

This gentle, non-forceful method creates space for healing to happen. In those cases where patients do not demonstrate improvement, they are referred for spinal imaging or a specialist for further review.

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