Personalized Nutrition

We know now that dietary factors play a role in health and diseases, especially chronic diseases. Over the past decade, there has been convincing evidence that implementing the correct lifestyle (Nutrition included), adding a proper supplement is more effective than drug treatment in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

 Personalization of dietary intake by taking into account the genetic and personal behavior, lifestyle preferences, and objectives is called personalized nutrition. The one size fit approach is a false approach.

How Does it work?

There are many ways our program work.

You have a particular condition such as Diabetes, Pre Diabetic you can either make an appointment online or set up an initial visit to come to our office. Complete history, exam, lab test will be done to determine the cause of your conditions. The follow-up visit will be determined based on individual conditions.

 How much is it going to cost?

Initial visit are: $120, Virtual Visit : $65, 

Follow up visit are: $65, Virtual  Visit: $35

Lab& Technology

Quest Diagnostic for the general metabolic assessment, further testing using specialized lab tests such as:

 Genova Diagnostics

Physicians Lab 

 Spectra cell, 

( Most of these labs work with  PPO insurances. (you need to find out about your coverage.)

Supplements and Food program

Dr.Gilda Gilak Newport Beach chiropractor and Nutritionist believes Food is Medicine. Therefore this is a program that used foo as primary recommendation and supplements are added if necessary to make a lifestyle changes, ,this is not a pill poping program.

We use Fullscrips for our recommendations.

Together we can be successful; if you follow the system, be persistent, compliant, and have patience, in 6 months more or less, you will see a difference.

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