Exercise Program for Low back and Neck Pain

The most recent scientific evidence recommends the following combination of these steps for low back and neck pain.

  • Manual therapy

  • Exercise

  • Advice and Education

  • Self-Management of pain 

Manual Therapy is a form of hands on therapy. Spinal Manipulation or adjustment, Spinal mobilization is a procedure when we use our hands or instruments to apply a controlled force to a spinal joint. This can help increase joint movement and as a result decrease muscle tightness and reduces pain.


The following  exercises are based on the latest scientific evidence and for general pain relief, please consult with your physician before trying.

Self-Management For Pain Relief

Successful  management of chronic pain rely on self management, using foam roll, stretching and routing strengthening exercises on a daily bases. 

Low back exercises

This series takes you through initial exercises when nursing a low back pain.

The most important muscle of the back and abdominal to strengthen.  This muscle support your disc up to 50% in the upper lumbar and provide 30% support in lower lumbar spine is 

This is a great exercise for strengthening the posterior chain, gluteal and hamstrings. Caution: avoid this, if extension increase your pain.

Neck Exercises 

This exercises improves overall Ranges of motion of the neck. Follow the video instruction for the best result.

The following exercises must be done after neck and shoulder stretch.

To avoid neck pain, deep neck flexors require strengthening, and this exercise must be done when you have chronic neck pain.

Exercises To Improve Posture

Stretching Pectoralis and all the other muscles in the front of the body, improves the opening the body and enhances the posture upright position.

Unless Extension increases your back pain, this exercise is great to build up the back postural muscles from neck to the low back.

Used with permission by the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (www.ccgi-research.com)”

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