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Painful Sitting

Tissue damage or highly sensitive back causes low back pain while sitting. Avoidance strategy is one of the most effective ways to de-sensitize low back pain. 

Modern life has increased sitting time at work, in the car or at home. Although sitting is not usually an issue, prolong sitting is one the reason low back, particularly spine discs, have developed insolence to flexion( seated position). Sitting with upright posture alleviates the pain; however, over time, postural muscles get fatigued and cause slouching, which as a result, increases pressure on the disc; reducing this stress can be a helpful way to avoid low back pain.

Change how you sit

One of the ways to achieve an ideal sitting posture is to change the position continuously, Sometimes that is not possible, especially when driving or flying. The Embrace Airplus and LumbarAir support can creat these postural changes. They are easy to carry for use in the car, airplanes, of home use.

PropAir incorporates an air bladder, which easily positioned with a vertical adjustment in the back frame. The inflatable bladder can customize fit for initials and help people achieve relieving posture and change in the attitude. These have inflation/deflation pumps which facilitates easy pressure change to creat regular posture change. 

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